Request Follow - is my understanding that an author actually becomes "somebody" when they achieve 1000 followers on As of this post, I am less than half of "somebody." Would you please consider following me on so that I can become "somebody"? I promise that I will never break a campaign promise or forget where I came from. Thank you to all of you. link provides access to a YouTube video that supports my book "Flight of the Forgotten" in both audio and visual format. There is also a Spanish version available on YouTube.I encourage you to familiarize yourself with either version of this memorial video. It will assist you in encapsulating the living memorial aspect of "Flight of the Forgotten" and offer visual and audio enhancement to the basic story line.                                              -  Mark A. Vance


Flight of the Forgotten is now available in audio book version via and very soon via and the Apple ITunes store. I will be offering free promotional codes for reviewers and others in the days ahead and I want to thank my producer, Mr. Johnnie C. Hayes for his patience, professionalism and support throughout this process. If you are contemplating an audio book and need a producer, I heartily recommend Mr. Johnnie C. Hayes. He can be reached via