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After years of exhausting research and digging where he was not welcome, Mark A. Vance's “Flight of the Forgotten” is a riveting tale of heroism, courage and betrayal. And who better than a descendant of one of the many men killed in this governmental snow-job and subsequent cover-up? Mr. Vance does a tremendous job of writing about an actual event that is structured like a great work of aviation fiction. A retired airline pilot himself, Vance has done a tremendous service to those lost on that fateful day.

In spite of personal and professional threats from the U.S Government, the previously unpublished Vance, spent nearly 20 years gathering the facts needed for this story to be told. This is a book where, I fear, I am hesitant to give anything but a vague glossing over of the storyline in order to let Mr. Vance's story be told in its entirety.

Conspiracy, murder, and sabotage pair with a supernatural element to tell a story of the O.S.S's (The CIA's predecessor) actions in 1945 that launched a multigenerational mystery and censorship of the events and death of 15 crewmen and passengers on this B-24 flight.

Receiving mentoring from international adventure writer and best-selling author Clive Cussler, Mark Vance restores the honor of these brave men and honors their memory with a story they deserve in this tensely written, hard to believe, ride through history. 



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