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Mission Number Twenty-Two

This is a bomb damage assessment photograph taken 2 days after a strike on an ME-262 Jet-Fighter plant in Neuberg, Germany. This was the 22nd combat mission for the Jack Ketchum Crew and it is depicted in detail in Chapter 7 of "Flight of the Forgotten." This photograph was taken from 21,000 ft. on March 21, 1945. The white clusters are impact points inside the target radius.

Image You can now find "Angels of Light - Beyond The Veil" on, an affiliate of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) organization.

Magazine Article Link

Image This search result link will take you to 3 online magazine articles/editorials written on behalf of the Jack Ketchum Crew and the ongoing quest for justice on their behalf.

Jack and Bobbe Ketchum (Newlywed Photo)

This is a newlywed photo of Jack and Bobbe Ketchum that was included in an article in the Topeka Capital-Journal Newspaper regarding Jack's mysterious crash. The top photo of Bobbe Ketchum and me was taken during a side-trip to Topeka, Kansas while I was on an airline layover in Kansas City.

"Jack Ketchum Day" Topeka, Kansas, June 13, 1998 (53rd. Anniversary of the Crash)

This photograph was taken as I autographed a copy of "Flight of the Forgotten" for Mayor Joan Wagnon of Topeka, Kansas on "Jack Ketchum Day" June 13, 1998. It was a small victory in a protracted struggle to tell the Ketchum Crew's story. The narrative from the US Air Force was more typical of what I experienced during my ten year quest for the truth.

"Angels of Light - Beyond The Veil" Professional Book Review

Reviewed By Deanna R Sweeney for Readers’ Favorite Angels of Light: Beyond the Veil is a beautifully riveting tale that follows a young boy’s dream of becoming a pilot as he matures into a grown man. Through his life-long love of planes and flying, the spirit of his dead uncle is his constant encouraging companion and guardian angel. His uncle was a pilot in World War II who was killed in a plane crash along with his entire crew. No details of the crash were ever communicated by the military to the surviving family members. Secrets start to unravel that lead this pilot on a journey into the past to unravel a truth that ignites a different kind of battle in his present. Will he come out in one piece and with his soul intact? I really enjoyed this novel from start to finish. The author’s writing style is fluid, descriptive, and masterfully put together. The citing of biblical text relevant to the chapters really

"Amazing Grace" (in Cherokee)

Image This version of "Amazing Grace" is highly correlated to the Native-American (Cherokee) Tribe and the story line of "Angels of Light." On a personal level, my wife's great and great-great grandmother's were both full-blooded Cherokee Indians living in the capital of the Cherokee Nation (Northern Georgia). My wife also has Choctaw Indian heritage on her father's side of the family and is a direct descendant of Native-American victims of the "Trail of Tears."