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Memorial Video of the Crash Site of the Jack B. Ketchum Crew - Shieldaig, Scotland (All Rights to the Original Content Creator)

      On behalf of the families of the Jack B. Ketchum Crew, I would like to thank the creator of this very poignant Memorial video taken at the crash site in NW Scotland. It's difficult to watch with a dry eye.

Crash Site B-24H Bomber (#42-95095) Shieldaig, Scotland

This is the main impact point of USAAF B-24H Liberator Bomber #42-95095. The crash occurred on June 13, 1945 and remained a mystery until the book "Flight of the Forgotten" was released in 1998. The Memorial Plaque embedded in the rock wall over-looking the loch was financed by the author in 1989 and erected some time later by British and Royal Air Force volunteers.    "Flight of the Forgotten" is a living memorial to the Jack B. Ketchum Crew and six passengers that lost their lives returning to the United States following the end of the war in Europe during World War II.