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Spiritual Discernment    As this Age of Grace hurdles toward its inevitable conclusion, one of the most important skills that today’s Christians need to master is spiritual discernment. The Bible clearly delineates that Satan, the arch-enemy of God, can appear as an angel of light, mimicking God’s authority, divinity, and especially His miracles, wonders, and signs. God’s written Word implores the human race not to be deceived by this counterfeit spirituality, even as His Word also acknowledges a significant “falling away of believers during the epilogue of human history.    The timeless spiritual battle for the soul of every human being needs to be accepted as self-evident and firmly grounded in inerrant Biblical scholarship. This is a critical first-step toward attaining and mastering the essential skill of spiritual discernment. It must also be understood that modern cultural standards, man-made religious doctrines, and the religious hierarchy itself, are inadequate sub