"Angels of Light - Beyond the Veil" (Behind the Scenes)

   Because Native-Americans play such an integral part of the story in "Angels of Light - Beyond the Veil", and in deference to my wife's Choctaw / Cherokee ancestry, I personally contacted over 550 tribal leaders throughout North America to ensure their awareness that this new release would be available for free its first 5 days on Amazon.com.
   In conjunction with Amazon.com limitations, the e-book format is exclusively available via Amazon.com for a period of 90 days, with no option for offering it at no charge beyond 5 days. On February 12, 2019, my exclusive agreement with Amazon.com will end, and "Angels of Light - Beyond the Veil" will be made available globally via every e-book distribution outlet worldwide at no charge. It is my intention to make the antidote to spiritual missteps that occurred during the development and production of the story's source document "Flight of the Forgotten - A True Story of Heroism and Betrayal" permanently free.
   I look forward to sharing this spiritual antidote worldwide in less than 3 weeks. Although I elected to share this story with Native-Americans first. it is my goal at this juncture to make "Angels of Light - Beyond the Veil" available to everyone with an interest in this topic and especially to those that enjoyed reading "Flight of the Forgotten - A True Story of Heroism and Betrayal", which continues to serve as a living memorial to the Jack B. Ketchum Bomber Crew of World War II.
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