"Angels of Light - Beyond The Veil" Professional Book Review

Reviewed By Deanna R Sweeney for Readers’ Favorite
Angels of Light: Beyond the Veil is a beautifully riveting tale that follows a young boy’s dream of becoming a pilot as he matures into a grown man. Through his life-long love of planes and flying, the spirit of his dead uncle is his constant encouraging companion and guardian angel. His uncle was a pilot in World War II who was killed in a plane crash along with his entire crew. No details of the crash were ever communicated by the military to the surviving family members. Secrets start to unravel that lead this pilot on a journey into the past to unravel a truth that ignites a different kind of battle in his present. Will he come out in one piece and with his soul intact?

I really enjoyed this novel from start to finish. The author’s writing style is fluid, descriptive, and masterfully put together. The citing of biblical text relevant to the chapters really added something as well and I thought it was a nice touch. There was a good mix of suspense and religious content that kept it from coming off too preachy, which is a mistake I have seen other authors make when writing novels with religious content. I couldn’t stop reading and actually finished the novel in one day. As a reviewer with a life-long love of reading, I have read countless books and this one is definitely one of the better ones. I would love to read more stories from this author. A truly enjoyable read that I would recommend to everyone. Well done!


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