79 Years ... Still NO Justice For the Jack B. Ketchum Crew


Suppose I was to tell you a story about an aircrew that was declared dead to their military superiors on May 27th, and again to their families on June 12th. It was supposedly official, after all. it was printed in the "Stars and Stripes" Newspaper and transmitted via military radio and multiple "Western Union" telegrams. Suppose that story was to include the "not-really-dead" aircrew being assigned an airplane on June 13th for their home-bound flight to the USA. Would you find it odd that they and their airplane flew 90 minutes on June 13th before exploding inflight killing all aboard? You would of course be disappointed if you expected to hear about a subsequent sabotage inquiry or a military "accident" report free of censorship. Would your first impression of this brief summary be dismissive? Would it be ... move along, nothing to see here? That's what those responsible for the tragedy are counting on.    


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